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PC repairs

$89 Flat Rate Repair


What is flat rate pricing, and why don't you just have us pay by the hour?

Well what most customers don't know is that computer repair stores have been working on your computer for an "hourly rate" however most repairs often take several days to repair correctly, and there are few people that want to pay $40-100 an hour for 16 hours of work. So most repair shops have been claiming that they worked on your computer for 2-4 hours, and charging you $40-80 an hour.

So let’s all stop lying to each other, and just come up with a price. That’s what we have done with Flat Rate Pricing.

With Flat rate pricing, you know EXACTLY what you are going to pay for labor before you leave the store. The only thing you may have to pay more for is parts.

Customers are always welcome to supply their own parts for repairs..

Flat Rate Repair Computer Includes:

It covers all labor needed to complete the repair, if we have to spend 2 days running hardware troubleshooting, then swap out parts, then reinstall windows, and update everything on the computer, it's the same rate.

What is NOT included:

  • Replacement Parts
  • Due to the extent of some labor requirements, Macintosh repairs are not covered by the flat-rate labor price, however, most non-hardware related repairs are still only $89!
  • WindowsXP is no longer supported by Microsoft, however, for our business customers we will still help you - or assist you in migrating to a more modern operating system.

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