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“The Prescription for All of Your Technology Ailments”

Unlike most repair shops, we don't stop with just simple software or hardware problems. We have the trained technicians to do low level repairs that others shy away from. Our master technician has been repairing electronics for the past 14 years. Instead of replacing the complete component, often we can simply repair the damaged area. I have seen customers over the years send laptops, cell phones, and desktop computers off to "service centers" for a minor problem, only to be told it would cost hundreds of dollars to perform the repair. Most of these repairs can be taken care for less than half of that. What is the reason that they are more interested in getting you to buy a new device instead of getting it fixed? 

Green Recycling 

True green recycling is "reduce, reuse, recycle" funny how recycle is the last one in that list, however most places only recycle the device, without attempting to reduce or reuse first. Here at All Tech Rx, we start with reduce by refurbishing any device that meets the guidelines, then we move on to reuse buy stripping down that damaged device that can't be refurbished and pulling any salvageable parts out to reuse them. Finally once all of that is done, we recycle. Because if the process that we use, we are able to reduce the amount recycled by 70% in most devices.

Smart Phone and Tablets

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone, or tablet that is not working correctly, is the screen is broken? We are the only shop in town that has a dedicated cell phone repair tech. We carry a full line of replacement parts for iPhone and iPod repairs, and can order the parts necessary to repair your other damaged devices.

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